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Nissan Altima 2010 Accessories. (Please answer, especially if you are a car expert)?

I have a black 2010 nissan altima 2.5S

I was thinking of adding some stuff, but I don't know where how how I would do this. Please help by telling me where and how I can buy these accessories.

1) Spoiler - I want a spoiler but I don't like the Nissan factory spoilers.

2) Black Rims - I don't want to spend a lot of money, and my friend told me that he changed his regular rims to black. He said the people magnetized his rims, and then magnetized the paint, and it stook together.

3) short ram intake - Where can I find one that I know will work for my model.

4) Black tail lights - This is what I would want the most. I don't know how I could do this. I've heard people actually spray painting their lights, while others have bought a tail light cover to make it black.

Thanks for the help.

Please say if you have any other ideas that might go good with my carNissan Altima 2010 Accessories. (Please answer, especially if you are a car expert)?
Powder coating is a electrically charged (static electricity) not magnetism and baked paint process on the rims. (that is ok) Changing the rim size and re engineering the suspension system to function properly (difficult) Hot air under the hood short ram sucks in will not make more power just more noise. So a long air intake that takes cold air will be better. Covering the lights on your car with paint or tint is illegal in almost all states. Spoiler might make more wind turbulence and drag. Less gas mileage? People spend lot's of money on base S model Altima's when they should have just spend a hundred more a month for a more optioned car in the first place. Altima is a 4 door family car that gets 600 miles or more per tankfull. Keep it completely stock save money buy your sports car with the savings by keeping this car stock.Nissan Altima 2010 Accessories. (Please answer, especially if you are a car expert)?
Black rims- usually run 300-500 for a decent set.. and thats on the lower end of the spectrum.

short ram intake- probably go for a cold air intake, its a little bit more expensive but it adds more power and gives better gas mileage.

black tail lights- pay a local guy to do it for around 50$ and know its a good job.

spoiler- dont be a mexican.

What are the Ga state laws regarding left hand turns?

My hubby and I were turning left into an aprtmnt complex and he was sure all lanes were clear b4 turning and there was an SUV that decided not to stay in his lane and changed lanes at the last moment and we were there, all except the very tail end of our car. He hit us in our tail light and knocked us into another car. We were upset because we were ticketed, but the person we hit told the officer that we did everything correctly, but this person who hit us decided at the last minute to get into our lane and we were there already and he hit us. Any advice on how to fight this? We've called lawyers and because there's no financial gain, they won't take the case. Pls help. Serious answers only. Thanks.What are the Ga state laws regarding left hand turns?
This will answer your question on left had turns in Georgia. are the Ga state laws regarding left hand turns?
You were ticketed for failure to yeild the right-of-way. It has nothing to do with being in Georgia. The lane should have been completely clear before you turned. Sorry, but it's your fault and you can't win. Own up to it!What are the Ga state laws regarding left hand turns?
Was he traveling in the opposite direction from you? If so, you are technically at fault. When making a left hand turn in front of oncoming traffic, you must be able to clear all the lanes, and the oncoming traffic has the right to all the lanes in the opposing direction.What are the Ga state laws regarding left hand turns?
If a lawyer will not take your case, you don't have a case. They get paid regardless if they win or lose, you pay them. As such, there is financial gain for them.

When making a turn the driver is responsible for making the turn safely. While the other driver may have contributed to the accident, it sounds like it was caused by the driver of your car as the turn did not allow for normal changes in traffic; you cut it too close.What are the Ga state laws regarding left hand turns?




after reading this law and code you will know more about what to do for now and into the future.

Toyota Camry 2005 XLE?

So my dad is giving me his 2005 Toyota XLE and I want to just change a few things. I want to put these tailights on

and put in an MP3 AUX jack for my iPod. does anyone know about how much this would all cost, installation included??Toyota Camry 2005 XLE?
Tail lights are an easy do it your self job. MP3 aux jack depends on if its a factory or aftermarket stereo head unit. My advice, get a external radio freq tuner. I have one in each of my cars for my mine.

How much would it cost to customize my Acura Integra?

I have recently bought a 1991 acura integra. it has a lot of things on it already, it has a body kit, costume paint, suicide doors, costume headlight and tail lights, racing seats, etc. there are a few things i want to change, the interior and the engine. I was told that the engine was rebuilt but it was done horribly so i want to get a 1st gen vtec B16A motor in it, and i want to give it a paint job and i want to put 17%26quot; rims, and change the interior. what i really want is a nice clean cut yet dependable car. is it a good idea or should i try to fix the rebuilt engine? and around how much would it cost.How much would it cost to customize my Acura Integra?
To be honest the amount of money you're putting into a car that attracts car thiefs, does not boast performance, and should've just been left as a commuter car, you could have put that money for another car and of course better performance and practicality. 1.6 liters are nothing during these times and you won't see anything pass 500whp on these things. Front wheel integras suffer from torque steer once they start to hit 280whp and up, so why don't you think twice before you start to invest. If it's looks you're going well I'd say that's fine with me but just look out for others out there and haters who will think your car's just another riced up teg.How much would it cost to customize my Acura Integra?
take all that body kit stuff off and just jdm the hell out of it and you'll spend less than 1000How much would it cost to customize my Acura Integra?
under 10 k out the door..i would say around 7300 for rims engine and paint

How much is my car worth?

Hello. I want to know how much my car is worth. I am planning to sell it. I reside in brooklyn, New York. I have a 1999 lexus es300 black on black with 83000miles. It has HID headlights and fog lights, brand new tires, chrome door handles, chrome pillars, updated 2001 original lexus es tail lights (I also have the 1999 lights), tint, sunroof, and black leather. I have always got oil change from dealers, and any work I got done was from certified mechanics like Aamco. Please let me know what you think car is worth and how much I can get for the car.How much is my car worth?
I would say this car should be valued at $14,000How much is my car worth?
Go to and click on used cars, answer a few questions and it will give you an idea as to how much your car is worth.How much is my car worth?
Best thing to do is check Kelly blue book and Edmunds. They both have websites that will give you the value of your car, retail, trade in, or private party.How much is my car worth?
KBB for sure......edmunds is kind of unrealistic on trade values....but not car prices.

Also, NADA and might help as well.


* No way I for one can truthfully answer that.....havent seen it, dont know the condition, wouldnt buy a Lexus to begin with(Not trying to be funny here...just honest) so that is something you need to decide on your own.

Look at what dealerships are selling them for, and hit it somewhere around that number.

ChrisHow much is my car worth?
you could get 7,000 to 15,000How much is my car worth?
try looking on ebay that may giv u an idea seeming that people bid or av a look in the auto trader an compear. sounds nice though and u should get a good price for it. good luck!How much is my car worth?
The Kelley Blue book is the price that a dealer will sell you a car for generally. If you are looking to sell to a dealer (as in the price they will pay) you need to research BLACK book values. Of course the value of anything is determined by the price anyone is willing to pay for it - so if you can find someone to pay more - well than thats the value.How much is my car worth?
i'll give you $1000 cash right now i won't even look at it or take it for a test drive i will buy it not joking
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  • Tree frogs?

    My daughter's brown tree frog, Penny, i just got a few days ago. But, i had a tree frog of canother breed for a few years. They bred. Will Toader, the frog i had for a long time, lay eggs? And how should i care for the eggs?

    Toader is gray and speckled and i read online that he can change colors, to a light green. my daughter cought him a few years ago. She tried to let him go, but he wouldn't get off her hand.

    Penny, is a brown tree frog that can turn light green, also. Penny is from my local pet store.

    They are kept in a 20 gallon tank with a long tailed lizard and a anole. they all get along. they havew proper care, but if they do have eggs and they do hatch, should I care for them, or let Toader do her job?

    plz respond. Thanks.Tree frogs?
    frogs seem to care for their own eggs in the wild.

    hope that helps. i dont know if u should keep the lizard and the anole in there

    Help car speedometer and blinkers wont work !! help me please?

    i have a manual transmition car and im still new to it i have a honda civic 1992 it has about 224490 miles on it.

    my car was working fine, i go to leave work and stale while backing up, i turn back on the car and back up and go and notice the speedometer wont go off zero its stuck there, then i go to use my blinker and neither side will work, not light up in car or outside but head lights still work and tail lights and the rest of the dash lights work, do you know what is wrong? i changed the fuses and everything but nothing worked, do you think its serious or know how to fix it? please help!Help car speedometer and blinkers wont work !! help me please?
    you need to top up the blinker fluid.Help car speedometer and blinkers wont work !! help me please?
    Check your fuses again. I had the same problem, it ended up being a fuse that I found the second or third time I looked.